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Modding Windows


Modifying The Default Windows Screen Saver


This is the best place to start even if you didn't necessarily come here to change your screen saver.  It will help you get used to how Resource Hacker works.

My Screen Saver Picture

First open up Resource Hacker.


Go to fie > open > drive:\windows\system32 and find logon.scr or type it in the file name box.  This really is the logon screen, screen saver but it will work the same.


Navigate to bitmap > 201.  Click 1033.  Then click action > save [Bitmap : 201 : 1033]  Save it somewhere on your hard drive.


Make the picture to your liking.  Edit it in any image editing program and save it.
Select action > replace bitmap ...


Choose open file with new bitmap.  Then navigate to the folder that you saved it in.  Last press replace.


Almost done.  In regedit go to script table > 1 > 1033.  Change "Windows XP" to anything that you want.  Press compile script.  Then go to file and save.  Make sure it has the extension .scr Save it in a system folder so it will not get in your way.


Finally, right click the file and choose install.  Enjoy your new personalized screen saver.


If you have any questions or just can't get something to work contact me at:
I am not responsible in any way if you screw up your computer.