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Modding Windows


Modifying Windows Start Menu

This is my start menu

To customize the start menu we will edit explorer.exe.   In explorer.exe there are several things that you can change.  The five that I will show you how to change are:
  • Start menu text
  • Start menu bitmap
  • Log off text
  • Shut down text
  • Click here to begin text


First open up regedit.  Go to file > open.  Navigate to drive:\windows.  Open up explorer.exe.  In regedit go to Bitmap > 143 > 1033.


Click action > replace bitmap.  Use any size image you want.  The start menu will change to the size of your image.


This is how the start menu will change to the size of the text and image:


Next go to String Table > 34 > 1033.  Change 533 to anything you want and press compile script.


After that go to string table > 37 > 1033.  Change 578 to what you want the start menu text to be.


Then go to String Table > 439 > 1033.  Change the 7012 and 7013 to what you want them to be.  When you change one you make the other the same.  Press compile script.


After you have fished making it the way you want it go to file > save.  Save it in drive:\windows as explorer2.exe  Make sure you include .exe


Last we need to make windows load explorer2 instead of explorer.  Go into the start menu and click run.  Type regedit.exe


On the left window find the registry folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon  Click winlogon.  Find the key called shell.  It's data should be explorer.exe.  Double click it and change the value data to explorer2.exe


Close regedit.  Log off and log back in.  Now you have a personalized start menu. 
If explorer2.exe fails to load.  Press ctrl alt delete.  In the task manager go file > run.  Open regedit.exe.  Change that key back to explorer.exe  Review the steps and e mail me if you still can't get it to work.

If you have any questions or just can't get something to work contact me at:
I am not responsible in any way if you screw up your computer.