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Modding Windows


Modifying Windows Boot Screen

My boot screen

This is by far the hardest thing to change.  If you screw something up here windows might not load.  Just follow the steps and you should be fine.
First click HERE and download this file.  It contains a bitmap.  Edit it any way you want.  The biggest limitation here is that you can only use 16 colors.  Make sure you save it as a 16 color bitmap.  If you use other colors they just wont display.

After that open up Resource Hacker. Go File > open. Navigate to drive:\windows\system32\ Open up ntoskrnl.exe This file is the kernel. It is what loads your operating system.


Next go to Action > replace [Bitmap : 1 : 1033]  Choose the picture that you just made and press replace.


Save it as krnl2.exe in drive:\windows\system32


To do the following steps you will need an NTFS file system.  You can check this by going to My Computer and single clicking your dive.  You will see what type of file system you have in the left pane.  If it is not NTFS click HERE.


Here comes the tricky part.  Go to my computer and go to the root of the drive.  If you have show hidden files enabled you should see a file called boot.ini  Open it.  This is where your BIOS or Basic Input Output system looks to see what operating systems are installed on your computer.


Copy the last line one line below it.  On the first line change ntoskrnl.exe to krnl2.exe.  This way you will be presented with a boot menu next time you boot up.  If there kernel you made fails to boot you can choose the regular one.  Make sure timeout= has a value greater than 3.  Save boot.ini and restart your computer.  You should be given a choice of what operating system you want to load.  They will both load the same operating system but with a different kernel.


After you have restarted your computer and have seen if the new kernel loads delete the last line from boot.ini and save it.  It will now always load that boot screen.

If you have any questions or just can't get something to work contact me at:
I am not responsible in any way if you screw up your computer.